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Columbus Shared Parenting Attorney

Ohio family courts prefer to grant shared parenting arrangements whenever possible. Commonly known as joint custody, these agreements allow both parents to share decision-making and parenting authority for the child, with both working together to continue to raise the child. This has been found to protect the relationship the child has with both parents.

Columbus Shared-Parenting Lawyer — Seeking Child Custody And Child Visitation Plans That Are In Your Child’s Best Interest

In a shared parenting plan, one parent will be named the residential parent, providing the primary residence from which the child will go to school. The nonresident parent usually still has a significant, if not equal, role in decision-making, parenting time and support of the child.

Even though both parents essentially split awake time with the child, there is still a set custody or parenting schedule. This creates a sense of normalcy and structure for the child and allows both parents and the child to plan far in advance, knowing when the child will be with which parent.

If there are times when a parent cannot watch the child, the other parent has the right of first refusal, which allows him or her to decide whether to take the child during that time, before the other parent seeks a babysitter.

In many cases, if both parents’ income are comparable, establishing child support will not be required, under the assumption that each parent will fully support the child when the child is with him or her. If there is a significant difference in income, the court may still order and exchange of child support. Shared parenting also has an impact on health insurance, income tax dependency exemptions and other financial considerations to be made by the parents.

At Robert L. Caplan Attorney at Law, our lawyers can help you navigate the nuances and details of shared parenting. We will provide clear and understandable explanations of the process and how it applies to your situation.

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