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What To Bring For Your Bankruptcy Consultation

At our first bankruptcy appointment, I will evaluate your financial situation and suggest your best course of action. To help me do that, I ask you to provide certain documents. This list may not include all the documents you need to gather, but should be sufficient for our initial meeting.

Please bring:

1. Your most recently filed federal and state income tax return

2. W2s or 1099 from the last two calendar years.

3. Proof of income for each household member for the last six months (i.e. pay stubs)

4. The title of each vehicle you own and/or the memorandum of title for each vehicle you are purchasing

5. A copy of any lawsuit that has been filed against you

6. The name, address, account number, and balance due for each of your creditors

7. Most recent statements from any pension, retirement plan, or other financial account

8. Names and addresses of any co-signers

Once we have reviewed these documents, I will have a better understanding of your finances and whether filing bankruptcy is the solution for your specific situation.

We’ll Talk And Determine Whether Bankruptcy Is Right For You

Bankruptcy is not the solution for everyone. If it is not right for you, I can suggest other options. I won’t file bankruptcy when that is not what works for my clients. Let’s discuss your financial situation today. You can email me or call 614-252-2026. Your consultation is free.

I am a debt relief agent. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.