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It May Be Possible To Modify A Divorce Decree

In many cases, an original divorce decree may become outdated over the years, no longer reflecting the needs and circumstances of the parents or the children. When situations change, there are legal steps you can take to modify or change the divorce agreement. At the law offices of Robert L. Caplan Attorney at Law, we are prepared to represent your interests in petitioning to modify your divorce decree to reflect any change that may take place.

Work With An Experienced Columbus Divorce Modification Lawyer

In many cases, a modification is required after one of the parents moves away and relocates from the geographical area dictated in the divorce decree. This may be due to a mandatory job change, a remarriage, a medical circumstance or other reason that requires the individual to leave the area, no longer able to abide by the original custody or visitation agreement.

Other circumstances often arise that limit a parent’s ability to observe the visitation or custody orders, such as a change in job or shift worked. One parent might seek to limit the other parent’s time with the child, based on concerns surrounding the other parent’s ability to provide care or a safe environment to the child. This could include instances where the other parent lives in a dangerous environment or might allow the child to be involved in dangerous activities. Ultimately, the court places a priority on continuing to act in the best interest of the child, even if that requires granting modifications to court orders.

Child Support And Spousal Support Modifications

Modifications can also be sought to child support or spousal support agreements. This is common if one spouse suspects that the other has experienced a significant increase in income or assets. Our attorneys will help to protect your interests and ensure that you are provided the support you are entitled.

To learn more about the assistance we can provide to families seeking to modify divorce, custody or support decrees, please contact our law firm today by calling 614-252-2026.