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When it comes to child custody and visitation issues in the Columbus area and throughout Ohio, our courts are concerned with what is in the best interests of the child or children. In most cases the judge or magistrate does not give a lot of weight to the reasons the couple is separating or the grounds for divorce when it comes to matters involving children.

The courts favor a shared parenting arrangement, where the child(ren) spend as much time as possible with both parents.Commonly known as joint custody, this arrangement names both parents as residential parents.Both parents have equal rights concerning important educational, religious, and social decisions.

Usually the court will prefer to keep the children together, and not separate the kids to different parents (i.e., one to mom and one to dad). In this arrangement, child support is typically not required as both parents share equal time, unless one spouse makes considerably more than the other.

Columbus Child Custody Lawyer — Establishing Custody In Divorce

If a couple wishes to deviate from this standard, the court will take into consideration many factors including:

  • The parent’s ability to communicate effectively
  • Relative parental proximity to the children’s schools and activities
  • Presence of addiction or abuse in one or both parents
  • Living conditions that are a health hazard to a child (i.e., smoking when asthma is present)

At Robert L. Caplan Attorney at Law, we will work with you to identify the schedules and rhythms of your family, and to develop a parenting time plan that will be in the best interests of you and your children. Our attorney has the skill and experience in child custody issues to provide creative solutions to disputes that may arise, focused on protecting the best interest of the child and preserving the relationship that he or she has with both parents.

Should disputes arise during this process, a guardian ad litem is often named to represent the best interests of the children and ensure that those are kept a priority.

We are also prepared to handle any complexities that may arise, such as health care and other financial issues.

To learn more about how we can guide you through the child custody process and deliver the results that will protect the best interests of your children, please contact our law firm today at 614-252-2026.

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