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Columbus Late Life Divorce Attorney

Many couples who have grown apart or no longer wish to be married wait until the children are done with school and out of the house — or even later — to seek a divorce. As these individuals seek to divorce later in life, often called a gray divorce, there are often additional considerations that must be assessed during the divorce proceedings. At Robert L. Caplan Attorney at Law, our attorney can skillfully guide you through the divorce process, understanding your goals and priorities for the future and the next chapter of your life.

Columbus Late Life Divorce Lawyer — Representation In Senior Divorces

After years of hard work, savings and investment, many couples place a high priority on protecting themselves and their preparations for the future through the divorce. We take the time to thoroughly understand the property that will be divided, offering valuation services and forensic accounting to ensure that all you are granted you are entitled to through a fair and equitable division. Our attorney takes time up front to understand your priorities and what you wish to keep, creating solutions that will best help you maintain those assets.

Health Of The Spouses

Should our client have a particular health condition requiring treatment while incurring medical costs, we will work to ensure that the spouse is able to cover those bills following the divorce. If the spouse was a dependent spouse or not the primary breadwinner, we may be able to seek spousal support based on the duration of the marriage.

Legal Separation For Elderly Couples

Many spouses wait to get a divorce for religious or legal reasons, including insurance or other arrangements. We can assist in legal separation proceedings that allow you to part ways without formally divorcing. This process is almost identical to divorce, including asset division and spousal support, and we will ensure that your interests are protected.

To learn more about how we can help you seek the options that are best for your situation as you divorce later in life, please contact our law firm today at 614-252-2026.