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Parental Alienation Concerns In Ohio

Not every divorce ends with spouses amicably parting ways or working together to raise the children in a healthy and cooperative manner. Far too often, one spouse may carry bitterness from the divorce, allowing this resentment to bleed into how he or she talks about the other spouse to the children.

One spouse may try to sway the children to his or her side by undue influence, or saying things, doing things or acting in a way that works to damage the relationship between the other spouse and the children. This could include telling the children that the other parent does not love them or telling lies to make the children dislike the other parent.

Representation In Parental Alienation And The Alienation Of A Child

It is important for the health and well-being of the children that this attempt to brainwash a child be stopped immediately. Studies show that children are more emotionally grounded when they are allowed to maintain a healthier relationship with both parents. If the court detects that inappropriate talk or actions of this nature are going on, it could consider changing custody or visitation arrangements to protect the other parent and the children.

If you suspect that your former spouse is attempting to turn the children against you, we may be able to help. At Robert L. Caplan Attorney at Law, we are skilled in Ohio family law and have the experience to deliver creative solutions to protect the relationship that you have with your child. We will take the necessary measures and bring the undue influence to the attention of the court, fighting to protect the best interests of your children.

To learn more about how we can help you seek to put a stop to the undue influence of your former spouse, please contact our Columbus, Ohio, law firm today by calling 614-252-2026.