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Columbus High-Asset Divorce Attorney

Divorce can seem to be a threat to the years of hard work, investments and savings you have dedicated to building wealth or preparing for the future. At Robert L. Caplan Attorney at Law, we are experienced and skilled in the division of complicated and high net worth assets, including real estate, retirement plans, investment portfolios and businesses or companies. Our firm works with a trusted network of professionals and accountants to ensure that you are provided the assets you are entitled.

Columbus High-Asset Divorce Lawyer — Property Division In Complex Divorce And Dissolution Of Marriage

The state of Ohio requires that all marital property, or assets held between the couple, be divided in a fair and equitable manner in a divorce. Property or assets that were brought into the marriage or were received by one spouse specifically during the marriage may be exempt from the division.

A fair and equitable division may not necessarily involve a 50-50 split down the middle. One spouse may be granted a greater share of a certain asset to make up for or offset the other spouse receiving a greater portion of a different asset. Spousal support and other arrangements can also play a role in the equitable division of assets.

For individuals of means and business owners, the stakes are higher in these divisions. Wealth or significant business interests that they have invested substantial time and money into growing may be at risk. Generally, a business is considered marital property, but the court will take a deeper look into which spouse contributed more to that business.

We are committed to understanding your priorities and goals for the division going into the case, including certain assets you particularly wish to be granted. Through a skilled and experienced understanding of asset division, we are able to put together creative and strategic solutions that will divide the assets equitably and help our clients maintain the assets they wish to keep.

To learn more about how we can protect your interests in asset division, please contact our law firm today at 614-252-2026.